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Corbin Independent Schools Food Service © 2015
108 Roy Kidd Ave. Corbin, KY 40701    l    (606) 528-1303
Corbin Independent Students 
Approved for P-EBT Stimulas 

August $52.74
September $123.06

Cards will be mailed in October and November 

Please call 1-855-306-8959 and select
Healthcare and Food Benefits option if
you need assistance.
Free Meals for ALL children 18 years of age under 
Children do not have to be enrolled in school

School Meals are available for pickup 
Monday through Friday 
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Not operating during Fall Break
Thursday 10/15 & Friday 10/16 

                 Participating Schools 
Corbin Primary School                       Corbin Middle School 
                   3551 5th Street Road                         50 Ed McNeel Drive 
                     Corbin, Ky 40701                                Corbin, KY  40701
                    Front of the school                  Front of Buidling near Cafeteria doors

                Corbin Elemenrtary School                     Corbin High School 
                    706 South KY Street                          1901 Snyder Street
                      Corbin, KY  40701                              Corbin, KY 40701
                       Front of Building                         Early Street Side in Bus Loop